INDONESIA – Batik Scam in Yogyakarta: How to Avoid Being a Victim


Travel scams are common nearly everywhere around the world, and gullible tourists are more inclined to fall for these despicable schemes. My friends and I just came across a clever and well-rehearsed scam in Yogyakarta, Indonesia where we were persuaded to go to a specific place because the attractions we wanted to visit were “closed” as claimed by the scammer. Avoid being a victim by having a thorough research about your destination and being careful of overfriendly locals.

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MALAYSIA & INDONESIA – Kuala Lumpur, Yogyakarta, Jakarta: 7D6N Itinerary and Budget


Last summer, I took a spontaneous vacation for a week with my best friends of more than a decade, Espee and Lea. It involved 2 days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 2 days in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; and 3 days in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our original plan was simply a domestic trip before Espee leaves for school abroad. But one day, we just went all YOLO and had a spur-of-the-moment decision. A week later, we found ourselves in the countries of Malaysia and Indonesia.

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